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The New Clock-Work Shiny

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

Last month, someone dashed into me and broke my beloved watch…
The glass face was smashed, although no spiky part on the outside,
I decided it’s time to get a new one. (Punch not intended)

Watch is not for measuring time

My belief is that watch is not for measuring time nowadays anymore.
Same goes for mobile phone is not actually for phone talking, and cloth is not for keeping you warm.
The reasoning is simple, if all you want is a Accurate time telling device, you are better off with a mobile or a cheap quartz watch.
Which a cheap plastic quartz watch only goes for 5 HKD or less. which can be +-1 seconds/day

Like every Accessories, watch is only for style, positioning, taste. An extension of personility…
After reading an Blog post, I decided to go for a automatic mechanical watch…

Cheap, Geeky, Clockwork, That’s all I needed.
I don’t even expect an accurate one.
A 300 HKD (30-40 USD), a cheap china manufacture watch.
I was expecting buying it cheaper, but after a month of window shopping, this is the one I got.
Despite the price, it’s perfectly what I need. A rough, yet geeky mechanical watch…
So I can claim, “Sorry, I am late. Since my watch isn’t as accurate as yours :P

So here I am, keep shaking my hand like an idiot from time to time, with a warm feeling of a clockwork device sitting on my arms…

Language for Blogging

Monday, July 19th, 2010

As any close friend of mine will know. I am maintaining two or three Blog at the moment and most of them are in English.

Although my English is not as good as my Chinese, I have an urge to type in English rather than Chinese, due to the bare fact of simplicity typing Chinese is hard for me. If typing in Chinese would stop my fluent thought process, I would rather to write everything in English. I had a hard time on figuring out which language to use through out the years, and I am enough of these, I’ll just write with whatever I feel like that day….

Most of my friend will found not problem on reading these as far as I believe.
Although there are topics which serve better in Chinese, e.g. Chinese History or Phrases

I’ll better have a blog with Chinese and English interchanging rather than a blog never updated.