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Riding the wave of Information (Part 2)

Monday, February 7th, 2011

Timely information, regarding work, life

In a nerdy term, a “Neural Network”.

It’s not that complex, I Promised!

This is a official graph of a neural network setup.
The logic of a node (The circle) is that, if the input strength is large to a certain level, it’ll send the signal to the node it connected.

But consider what “Node” I am using : Human (My dearest friends) … And the Signal strength is the interesting level.
So whenever the my news forwarding friends find interesting, they’ll start “Sharing” the news, and comment on them as well.

By plugging myself in the network (Facebook and Forums), I basically have a filtered source of informations.
I’ll provide information filtering for the friend reading me in return as well, with my extra “opinions” (Self-proclaimed value-added)

This provide a context check for the incoming news, But I had to cater and tailor the network for “weeding” out “low quality” information forwarder (luckily Facebook have that option without letting them know that happened) and make friends/discover source who are keen to forward news.

Direct source

I do have my direct source as well, I subscripted 76 RSS feeds with Google reader, which is so much lesser than some of my colleague, but enough for me. For People do not use RSS, it’s like subscripting a newspaper, you can view all new article in one place, and got notify once an new article is released.

I am also an semi-active member on for newest question asked around the net regarding the industry. Which gives me an heads up on things as well.

Putting all that into the pocket

Once again, all of them are Synced to my iPod. After a shortlist of post, I’ll forward long yet interesting article to my Kindle thru “Instant Paper” service, and forward other interesting link to “Read it Later” and also Google Shared Item.

You can find my currently shared item at here or even subscript thru RSS

(Guess I should promote the last two links a bit :P)

Riding the wave of Information (Part 1)

Sunday, February 6th, 2011

There are lots of information we need to take care everyday.

  1. Things need to be remembered: Tasks, meeting, Documents etc
  2. Timely information, regarding work, life
  3. “Need to know” information, e.g. News, Economies
  4. Self-improvement, Things you need to learn to improve your life. e.g. Career related knowledge, Spiritual readings, Way of Thinking, Philosophy

Given limited resources, it’s hard to balance how to invest in them. Aside to taking care daily routine, work and time with family.
While it’s an old topic, I’ll share my approach for it (Along with some actual gadget and setups.)

Things need to be remembered

I used to use Email for storage, but well, it’s hard to navigate, search and timely reminding me my task and most of all, sharing with related parties (In case of events).

Events and Tasks

I extensively use Facebook and Google calendar for all my events now. (Along with “remember the milk” as the pipeline).
I use apps which allow to sync with Google Calendar and Facebook. (For the record, all my friends events are organized on Facebook and my project timeline can be found in a group shared Google calendar)


I used Google Doc for all my documents (Aside from those doc need to communicate with managements). Google Doc do have its short coming for advanced usage of excel, and like power point. But otherwise the portability and revision control is leading the industry.

For fast notes, I use ever notes. Although I didn’t reach the bandwidth limit yet, it always get me worrying…

BTW, All of the tools I am using sync up with my ipod and android.
We’ll continue for the other information at another time….

Planning for the new year

Saturday, February 5th, 2011
  1. More Readings : 0.5 hour / day
  2. More Writings : 1 Articles on Blogs (or Answers on / 2 day
  3. More Exercise : 3 hour / week?
  4. Learn more on Project Management : Consider taking PMP
  5. Getting Married

Different Perspective

Saturday, February 5th, 2011

From the time I am self-aware (Sorry for the geeky terminology)
I notice something different between everyone else and I. (Other than high-profile and geeky)

I used to ask lots of question, especially on “why” and “why not”.
Which I must admit, is kinda annoying for a primary/secondary teacher who try to leading the whole class.
This trait is still with me, Which lead to some funny (self-proclaimed) gag sometime.

My abnormal way of thoughts sometime leads to strange conclusion of thing with others.
e.g. On the Cafe De Coral event, when everyone looks bad on them.
I was thinking why they make such decision?
What they have done wrong in the process?
What leads to this kind of situation? (Rather than the easy routine : “because the management is mean and stupid”)

And on my post : This is management,
What I was thinking is that I had to remind myself to be a human focus,
but not use people as tool if I ever got to that level of works.

I guess couples of people mis-interpretation as whine.
Although I did whine sometime, this one is not the case.
Or maybe due to I have self-employed for a year or two,
I tends to think from a boss perspectives.

Although that’s come into handy on creative thinking,
That also makes me sometime have problem to communicate with others due to different “Personal Values” (價值觀).

But well, guess I’ll never get that fixed :P

This is Management

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

I am reading a famous book called PeopleWare
Which had a nice story to share

In my early years as a developer, I was privileged to work on a project managed by Sharon Weinberg, now president of the Codd and Date Consulting Group. She was a walking example of much of what I now think of as enlightened management. One snowy day, I dragged myself out of a sickbed to pull together our shaky system for a user demo. Sharon came in and found me propped up at the console. She disappeared and came back a few minutes later with a container of soup. After she’d poured it into me and buoyed up my spirits, I asked her how she found time for such things with all the management work she had to do. She gave me her patented grin and said, Tom, this is management.” —TDM

It’s easy to over-look, is it ?