Management and Ethical Responsibility

Yesterday I have a couples of talk with different group friend
in which convert into a very similar area…

Let’s say a Ship Company A had a Manager Bob had a personal belief :

Since his grand-grand father a one-eyed captain and a greatest captain of the time,
One-eyed man are the best captain of choice, so he’ll only hired one-eyed people as captain.

Someday, the government release a report that Company A’s ship have a higher accident rate on a foggy day.
And the sailor suspect, it’s deal to Bob’s hiring policy and also provide evidence that there are no co-relation between average performance with number of eyes (but will be devastating when the condition is bad)

Now, if Bob insist on his belief, He’s no doubt a stubborn person.
But do this put him into a ethical incorrect / irresponsible position, since he’s not fulfilling his responsibly?
1. Not putting his full effort for his employee (Since accident is profit lost to the company
2. Risking the safety of people rely on his decision.

To me, it’s obvious it’s ethical incorrect / irresponsible.
If someone doing a decision for the company not for the best information and his knowledge (what he’s hired for), but for a personal ego(or gain) or mis-belief
it’s unethical.

I would even take a further step including…
1. Not making (reasonable) effort to understand what’s critical, or improve himself
2. Doing short-cuts while it’s against long term sustainability for the company
3. Remain silent to mistake or problem he noticed

This kind of person would be the type of sworn enemy of my management philosophy.
Sorry, it’s no about different opinion. (or 和而不同)
It’s about ethical and responsibility, and I don’t make friends with people lack of that.

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